Monthly Support

Many have asked for a way to support the show and channel monthly. You should choose to become a VIP instead. If you don't have telegram and want to just support here, feel free. Or head to WHOP to become a VIP.

Here is what VIP brings you!
✅ - Immediate access to the private Libraryism Channel with 2800+ FREE eBooks centered on truth and conspiracies.
✅ - Immediate access to the VIP CLUB Chat on Telegram.
✅ - Immediate access to the Cryptoism Group Chat on Telegram, nested inside the VIP CLUB. This is a place for 24/7 Support where you can ask questions. Post your coin research or read, study and talk about other members strategies.
✅ - Immediate access to the jeranism Video Archive with ALL Jeran's videos.
✅ - Immediate access to the 60+ Cryptoism Group Back Classes.
✅ - Immediate access to the twice monthly Friday night Cryptoism Group Class. Class is held every other Friday from 6-8pm PT.
✅ - Immediate access to Jeran through Telegram. Jeran will place you in a folder of chats he will get to daily. All VIP's will have a spot in that folder.
✅ - VIP-ONLY Monthly Zoom Hangout on the 1st Saturday of every Month at 12pm PT.
✅ - Random Live Streams and stories through Telegram to keep up with Jeran.
✅ - ALL VIPs get 50% discount off consultations with Jeran, with active membership.
💰 - BUY A YEAR MEMBERSHIP and get a FREE 30-Minute Consultation.

All of this for just $15 a month, or $150 annually. As you can see, there is no reason not to be a VIP.